Branding designed for Karen from Rainaway Bride, intended to convey the function of product in an elegant, beautiful way. Branding designed for Evo Driver Training, a new driving school based on the Isle Of Wight. Car graphics designed for Evo Driver Training. New logo developed for Lynsey Marie Lamothe of Isle Of Wight Beauty to stand as a symbol of her hair and makeup brand. A website designed and developed for Isle Of Wight Beauty, with newly developed branding and vibrant colour scheme. A large format vertical banner stand designed to stand out at wedding shows and other promotional events. A website redesign for Chris Kill of Inspired Island Events, keeping the existing structure and bespoke CMS while updating content and refreshing the look of the entire site. A business card designed for Inspired Island Events, with branding to match their new website. A promotional postcard designed for Inspired Island Events. A new look for the Inspired Island Events shop front, designed to match the revamped website and other promotional material to achieve a cohesive look across the entire brand. The completed Inspired Island Events shop sign. A website designed for Professional make up artist Jo Lofthouse, a neutral canvas on which on exhibit her many cosmetic talents. A Poster designed for Karen Robb of Dornellie to advertise her special weekend of wedding events. The aim was to achieve a contemporary Art Deco style incorporating an illustration of Northwood house, the venue for the event, at its' centre. Branding developed for I Heart Buttonholes, with a special MOBO Awards variant designed to match limited edition buttonholes created for VIPs at the 2012 award ceremony. A website designed and developed for I Heart Buttonholes. Designed with sophistication and man-appeal in mind, the aim was to effectively showcase a range of button-boutonnières to a male demographic. Branding designed for hairdresser Arron O'Halloran. The letterforms are inspired by iconic tools of the hairdressing trade, sharp stainless steel scissors, and the rotational symmetry of the logo means that it reads the same when read upside-down. A website designed for hairdresser Arron O'Halloran; A place where clients can find out more about him and discover expert style advice on his fashion and trends blog. New branding developed for I Heart Buttons, with a special MOBO Awards variant designed to match limited edition buttonholes created for VIPs at the 2012 award ceremony. A website designed and developed for I Heart Buttons. Built around a content management system that allows the client to add new content or edit old content without having to write any code. A brochure designed for Lesa of I Heart Buttons to match the new website and showcase a few of her most impressive vintage button bouquets. New branding was also designed as part of the brief. A promotional postcard designed for I Heart Buttons to be distributed at wedding shows. A sign designed for Lesa of I Heart Buttons, to advertise her new shop in Ryde where she sells beautiful button bouquets, jewellery and vintage Betty Boop memorabilia. The finished sign in Union Street, Ryde. This is the front page of a brochure designed for Chris Cowley, a brilliant wedding photographer based on the Isle of Wight, to showcase some of his work to prospective clients. A Logo design for Maria from Bubble Fusion, a lady who makes a lot of awesome, colourful things from funky fabrics and fimo. The rainbow palette was a no brainer, combined with bold hand-rendered type to reflect the hand-made Bubble Fusion style. An illustration for Bubble Fusion, who wanted a character to encapsulate her brand. I came up with this slightly sinister yet strangely alluring unicorn; cute and colourful with a twist. If you're a fan of awesome, colourful things then you should be a fan of Bubble Fusion! Rapanui are an eco friendly fashion brand based on the Isle of Wight. If you haven't heard of them already, you soon will, because they're awesome and they only sell clothing that is ethically made and kind to the planet. Every order they dispatch is packed in a 100% biodegradable envelope and I produced this illustration to go on the front of each one. It depicts the lifecycle of a Rapanui garment; starting life as organic cotton, being harvested ethically and processed using renewable energy, being worn and then composted at the end of it's life, creating fertile soil to grow more cotton and begin the cycle again. The squirrels, for anybody wondering, are an Isle of Wight reference. During my time at Rapanui I worked on many serious, professional projects, but Movember wasn't one of them. In Movember we grew moustaches, and so obsessed we became with moustaches, that we decided to sell moustache-themed bags to raise money for the prostate cancer charity. I designed this to go on the bags. The finished bag, in all it's mustachioed opulence. A two-colour web logo designed for Johnny Kendray, to aid him in an ongoing quest to establish his own security company. A business card logo designed for Johnny Kendray. The brief was to create something imposing, bold, black and red incorporating the company name and the camera image. Designed for Fairways Bed and Breakfast in Waterlooville; a simple, easy to understand map of local attractions. A collaboration with my talented friend Ken Leung. Visual libraries is a project designed to stimulate interaction between communities and their local library, encouraging collaborative creativity and self-expression. Participants borrow a visual diary from their library and make their mark on its' pages before returning it for the next person to interact with. We designed these bookmarks to promote the project, and to mark the pages of each diary. A collaboration with Ken Leung of Indigenous Industries. A large poster designed to promote the Visual Libraries project, featuring a montage of collated diary entries and liberal use of handwritten type. A smaller poster designed to showcase individual visual diary pages in libraries and other public venues, rewarding participants with a chance to get their work seen. A collaboration with Ken Leung, inspired by a shared passion for airfix! These ideas sheets are designed to inspire Visual Libraries participants into assembling a collaborative masterpiece of their own. The Evergreen Wrap is an eco alternative to wrapping paper that can be re-used time and time again. I've been lucky enough to work with the chaps behind the wraps on a range of projects over the years, and helped them come up with their wrap-inspired branding. A selection of three-part instructions made for Evergreen Wrap to illustrate a range of traditional tying techniques. A selection of four-part instructions made for Evergreen Wrap to illustrate a range of traditional tying techniques. A selection of five-part instructions made for Evergreen Wrap to illustrate a range of traditional tying techniques. A collaborative effort with my old university pals Chrissy Kent and Leanne Wade; this image was put together as part of a bigger pitch to Unilever, makers of Peperami. They were looking for marketing ideas for their new Peperami Minis, and this what we came up with. A miniature Peperami army raids the fridge in our second meaty concept! This is the cover of a 24 page catalogue designed for Mimobot Europe to showcase their 2009 range of USB storage devices. A collaboration with Ken Leung. A 3D Anaglyphic cover design for Clooci's press kit, to be distributed at trade shows along with a pair of retro 3D glasses. A Mimobot-shaped point of sale stand featuring a range of colourful characters from the world of Mimoco, designed to display Mimobot USB devices in retail outlets. A metallic variant of the original Tec logo, rendered in Photoshop. A poster designed for the Re: exhibition of experimental artists books, to encourage interaction and participation at the event. Hand drawn type, photocopied and silkscreened in two colours. A guest book made for the Re: exhibition of experimental artists books, entitled Re: Assembly. The outer box is made from two sheets of card using an origami folding technique, and it contains a miniature version of the poster and a stack of assorted papers for people to make their mark on when visiting the exhibition. A collection of origami made by visitors to the Re: Exhibition of experimental artists books, collected in an origami box made from one of the posters.